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Slow Food Charleston’s Chefs-in-Schools program matches local chefs to local schools to educate children on making healthier food choices and to improve the quality of food being served in the school cafeterias.  The program’s initiatives include classroom instruction, after-school clubs, school tastings, and professional development for the food service staff.  Cypress’ Executive Chef, Craig Deihl will lead the Charleston initiatives that will roll out in the 2011-2012 school year.

Slow Food Charleston, Leadership Dorchester, Dorchester 2 School District, and The Woodlands Restaurant launched Chefs-in-Schools in Summerville, SC, to promote healthy eating among children and their families in the school district.   The Woodlands will work with a team of “Ambassador Sous-Chefs” from Alston Middle School to test recipes using Alston garden produce and products purchased from local growers. Top-rated recipes will be incorporated into the school lunch program.

Both county initiatives joined together this summer as we collaborated with The Culinary Institute of Trident Technical College to train food services workers from both school districts in preparing healthier food for our cafeterias. This culinary course, first ever, was funded by the Charleston Tri-County chapter of Eat Smart, Move More and Slow Food Charleston, and taught by Chef Michael Carmel of the Trident Culinary Institute who donated his time. This innovative training program was also designed by Chef Carmel specifically for school foodservice staff from Charleston County and Dorchester 2 school districts.  The purpose was to develop an overall awareness and understanding among school foodservice staff of how to cook healthy food for public school children using better cooking methods, ingredients, and delivery.

Anson’s Chef Jeremy Holst at Meeting Street Academy:

The Glass Onion’s Chef Sarah O’Kelley at Stono Park Elementary:

Cypress’ Chef Craig Deihl at Mitchell Elementary:

Collard Greens




Black Eyed Peas, Vegetarian Confetti Soup


Thank you cards from our fantastic students